Wings of Song


March 2014 

Performance Schedules:  The performance schedules have been updated to reflect the change in our concert date to May 4, 3:00 PM.  The retirement home performances have been moved up so that we can still get in some performance practice before our concert for the general public. Please note there are still performances after the spring concert as well.
Click here for the AM Performance Schedule
Click here for the PM Performance Schedule

First Retirement Home Performance for PM Singers: We are performing our first evening retirement home performance at Alma Via in San Rafael on Tuesday. Wednesday morning we are at Nazareth House and Drake Terrace. Directions are attached. See you then.

Sell Our CD’s at the Retirement Homes: At the performance last week, we were asked if we had any CD’s for sale. Unfortunately, I did not bring any. I can put some in a bag this week. I think we should sell them at a major discount of $10, if they give us cash. Would someone in the morning and evening volunteer to sell these CD’s to the residents? Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

Combined Rehearsal this Friday Evening: This very important rehearsal on Friday evening at CCC will be the first time all AM & PM singers get to rehearse together. Plan to arrive no later than 6:45, so that the physical warm-ups happen early and the music rehearsal starts on time at 7:00 PM

Need Help Setting Up Risers for Friday Evening: Because my husband will be out of town the weekend of our concert, he could use some strong helpers earlier in the week. I have asked for permission to set them up on Wednesday evening. Let me know if you or a husband can help – around 7:00 PM. We can then leave them up through Sunday, but will need help again taking them down on Sunday following the concert. Please let me know soon. Thanks.

Parking for Sunday’s Concert – May 4: Please park at the bottom of the hill and either walk up – or car-pool, so that the parking lot can be used by our guests. Plan to arrive no later than 1:30 (not 2:00 as stated on your Performance Schedule). I would like us to rehearse a bit again, just prior to the concert. We want to be finished by 2:15, so that our guests can be seated, and we can finish setting up our refreshments.

Refreshments Following the Concert: Sarah Kennedy is coordinating some light refreshments for our guests after the concert. Your contributions will be appreciated.

Photographer Needed for the Concert: Does anyone know of someone who is good with a camera and can take some nice photos of us—would be nice to have a current photo for the website and for our concert tour to Rome.

PM Performance Schedule was missing May 13: A mistake was made on the PM schedule that omitted, Tuesday, May 13, not June 13!, Linda was able to schedule a performance for that date at Aldersly Retirement Home, 326 Mission Ave., San Rafael.

Single Room Deposit Supplement for Rome: Several of you have indicated that you wish to have a single room while in Rome. Because these rooms are few, we will need you to pay now to hold your space for that single room in addition to the original deposit. The single supplement cost is $150.

Rummage Sale in May: If you are doing some spring cleaning, consider putting aside some “stuff” for the Singers Marin annual Rummage Sale. From past experience, I’ve learned that the best weather is around the Memorial Day weekend. Looking right now on that Saturday being a good day for the sale – May 24th. Money earned from this sale can go toward the Rome Tour Scholarship fund. We are not taking clothes – but other household items and even some furniture can be great sale items. Your junk is another’s treasure! We will not be storing these items for you until the week of the sale – just put them aside for us now is all we are asking. Thanks.

Wardrobe for Wednesday Morning Performances: Please wear your Wings of Song blue t-shirt with white pants, capris, or skirt – and white shoes or sandals.

How to Register for the Marin Human Race: We hope you will join us in this fun event, and at the same time raise some funds for Singers Marin. If you like, you can also personally raise funds for your own tour. You can set up a personal fundraising page by going to the sign up page at If you signed up and had a personal fundraising page last year, your general information has been saved. Simply go to the signup page and click "yes". It will ask for your login info from last year, ask you to verify your information and start a page for you for this current year. If you have any questions you can email Keala at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you don't want to create a personal fundraising page (you don't have to participate in the race to fundraise for it), you can always make donations to our team page at We are still in the process of updating last year's information but the donations are for the current year.

Why We Sing – Flash Mob: Mark your calendars for May 17, 12:00 noon to 2:30 – when we will do 3 flash mobs at 3 separate locations: The Depot, Mill Valley; The Village at Corte Madera; and the Marin Country Mart in Larkspur, car-pooling our way around. It will be so much fun!

Tickets at a Discount for Members: Purchase your discount concert tickets from Marlene Mills at PM rehearsals and Susie Jacobs at AM rehearsals. General Admission $15 and Seniors/Students: $12. (Checks only).

Pick up your new jackets and T-shirts: If you ordered a new jacket, be sure to contact Nancy Seitas if you didn’t pick it up at rehearsal: (415) 388-1684. Jacket cost is $51(includes tax) If you purchased a new Blue WOS T-shirt, $17.36, you can add that cost to your check For new members, we’re still waiting for the final piece of your wardrobe to arrive. Total cost of skirt, jacket, & sparkly shell is $151.91. Total cost which includes the T-shirt is $161.27. Please make checks out to Choral Singers of Marin. If necessary, we can also swipe a credit card. Thanks.

Joyful Sound Pre-Registration: The pre-registration form for our Summer Chorus, Joyful Sound and concert program can be found online at Now that the program is decided, the cost of the music was a bit less, so that is reflected in the registration form. I’ve also attached the complete list of songs that I have chosen. (I had to cut the medleys, which were all great – but were much too long. I thought the variety from the different Broadway musicals would be more fun. Hope you will join us! First rehearsal will be June 10. Final concert and picnic is scheduled for August 24th.

Revised Final Photo Roster: This was attached last week. If you still need a copy let us know, and we will forward it to you.

Sing Along With These Recordings: Here are a few links that singers have shared. Please sing along with them, now that you basically know your part. I think you’ll find it a pleasant and enjoyable experience!
Walk that Valley:
Universal Song:

Attendance Roster: This is just a reminder – as most of you know to do this. Please check in when you arrive. The Attendance Roster is sitting on the entry table to the left of the main entrance. Also on the table are gold “Advance Notice of Absence” slips. If you plan to be away for any rehearsal or performance, we appreciate knowing. If your absence is last minute, please call or email the office. Thanks.

Rehearsal/Performance Schedules: I have updated the Excel Spreadsheets of the weekly rehearsal plan to reflect the change in our concert date to May 4, 3:00 PM. I’ve moved the retirement home performances up so that we can still get in some performance practice before our concert for the general public. These can now be found on the website.

Concert Wardrobe: PM singers will wear the formal concert dress for their retirement home performances. The outfit includes: long black skirt- $35; sparkle shell top-$58; black jacket-$47 (+ 8.5% tax); black pantyhose; black closed toe shoes. No necklaces, bracelets, or watches, and only very small stud-like earrings. Hair is off your shoulders.

AM Performance Wardrobe: AM singers will wear a Wings of Song blue T-shirt with white bottoms (pants, capris, or skirt) and white shoes or sandals. The T-shirts come in three styles: cap sleeve - regular sleeve - or long sleeve, and the cost is $16 (+8.5% tax)
There may be opportunities (like the Marin Human Race) for everyone to wear the WOS T-shirt, so consider purchasing one if you don’t already own one.

Thank You to All Our Volunteers: To all signed up to help with the various jobs that make running this organization easy – THANK YOU!

Scholarships Always Available:  Partial scholarships based on need are always available.  Or, a payment plan can also be arranged.  We never turn away a singer who wants or needs to sing!  

Remember to Sign Up with EScrip:  Please register with eScrip if you haven't already done so.  Go to This is a simple way to make a donation to Choral Singers of Marin.  Our ID#: 3376093.  Register your Safeway card, an ATM, a Macy's card, or any other credit card that you use frequently for shopping.  A percentage of whatever you spend is donated by the business to us.  You don't spend an extra dime. (Remember to renew with Safeway every year.  Thanks!)

Shop at Mill Valley Market or Mollie Stones?:   Did you know that everytime you shop at Mill Valley Market, a portion of your grocery bill will be donated to Singers Marin.  Look down the list at the register for our name.  Our ID number is #7051.  It is so easy to make a contribution in this way.  Your support is truly appreciated. Register for Mollie Stones by downloading the form here

Join a Board Committee:  The SingersMarin Board of Directors is inviting non-board members to join one of two committees:  The Development Committee and the Marketing Committee.  If you have any background in either of these fields, and would be able to lend your expertise and advise, it would be greatly appreciated.