Wings of Song


November 2014 

Performance Schedules:  Performance schedules are now complete. Please mark the dates in your calendars.
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Mill Valley Candles for Sale:  I have beautiful scented candles from Mill Valley Candleworks for sale this week.  (They have now moved to Napa - L)  This is a continuation of the fundraiser I was doing for Carnegie Hall – but will now go toward paying the way for our accompanist to Rome.  Please purchase everyone of the candles I will bring with me this evening, (as I have already paid for them!)  They will make great hostess gifts for Thanksgiving (with scents of Amber Spice (brown), Mango Citrus (orange), Pumpkin Spice, (Deep Orange), Sandlewood, (Gold) – as well as holiday gifts in red, green, and blue – and every color in-between.  The cost of the candles has gone up – They will be selling for $18 + tax, or $19.53.  We will receive $9 for each candle sold – which is a very good deal!.  Bring your checkbook to rehearsal.  Thanks.

Concert Ticket Sales:  We are hoping that everyone will get into the spirit of bringing their friends and family to our concert and selling at least 5 tickets or as many as possible!  It’s fun to sing to a full house!  As always, we offer $5 discounts on 10 tickets or more.  A ticket Order Form is available for this purpose.  You must fill it out with your request for the number of tickets needed and give this form to the office. (You cannot deliver it to the Box Office yourself!)  This will save you a trip to the Box office or the fee for ordering online or by phone.

Poinsettias not available this year!:  Sadly, we will not be able to purchase our beautiful poinsettias as we have every year.  Our distributor can no longer get them fresh, as he has been able to do in the past.  Do you have any ideas for alternative decorations for the stage?  Let me know.

New member Wardrobe:  The Jackets have arrived and will be distributed this evening and tomorrow morning.  The cost of each piece:  Skirts - $35, Jacket - $51, Camisole - $52.  Total wardrobe:  $140 + tax or $151.90. Please add an extra $10 for 2X sizes.   Unfortunately, the camisoles will arrive last minute, as they are special order.  I’ve asked for them to please try to rush the order through – so I’m crossing my fingers.

Posters and Postcards:  Please help us get the word out by taking some posters and postcards of our Holiday concert.  Place stacks at libraries, or send them to your friends (always with a stamp – as they will come back to us and never be delivered.  The Bulk Mail permit is for sending over 200 at a time.

Thanks to All for another great Performance at the Tiburon Library last week:  Such fun singing that music once again.  I’m glad a few of those pieces I’ve already planned for repeat performances in the spring.

Please order your blue WOS T-shirts Now, (if you haven’t already):  Morning performances at the senior centers will now require wearing the blue Wings of Song T-shirt. Nancy will be asking you for your size, and the style you wish to purchase. The cost is $17.36, for any style.   (XXL shirts will cost an additional $2 more.)

Thank for a Great Performance at the  Senior Fair last week:  Everyone loved you!  And I too was most pleased.  It is always a  pleasure to conduct such responsive singers.  Thank you.

Holiday Singers Performance Schedules:  Holiday Singers are invited to sing only the Retirement rehearsal /performances that are scheduled on the Tuesday evenings preceding our concert.   Wings of Song (WOS) will have additional concerts in December.

Last Call for Advertising in our Concert Program Guide:   Our Concert Program Guide will be going to press in a few weeks – and we are very short on advertisers.  It would be appreciated if the singers (Altos and Sopranos) could once again come up with supporting their long-time running ads.  And anyone else who has a business enterprise – an advertisement promoting your business would be appreciated.  The add agreement is attached along with the letter that lists the concert benefits.  Thanks for your support.

Reminder to Check the Attendance Sheet:  There is an attendance sheet sitting to the left as you walk in the front door.  Please check off your name as you arrive for rehearsal each week.

Notice of Absence Slips:  Please fill out a “Notice of Advanced Absence” slip when you know you will be missing a rehearsal.  Thanks.

Sign-up for Caroling on Dec 6:  We have an invitation to sing for the SIRS Holiday Party on Saturday evening, Dec. 6 at McGinnis Park. (WOS only)  Please sign-up now, so that we can see if we have enough singers to make this a worthwhile performance.  Thanks.

Other Dates for your Calendar:  The tree-lighting on November 30 at 5:30 is definitely on  -- as is the CCC Christmas Concert on Dec. 14, 4:00 PM.  I’m hoping everyone can participate in all of these extra performances.  They’re fun!

Wardrobe for New Members:  Nancy Seitas, our  Wardrobe Mistress, will be measuring new members during the rehearsals this week and next.  The dress is a long black skirt, sparkle sleeveless top, and black jacket.  She will give you the current price.  A payment schedule can be worked out if necessary.

Volunteer Jobs:  Thanks so much for signing up for these positions.  Only a few left.  Please look over what’s left – and see if you can help.  Thanks.

Music:  Most of the music has now arrived.  We still might be short one or two pieces.  Please let me know what you do not have by tomorrow, and those extra pieces will be ordered for you.

Mark your calendar:  Our holiday concert, “Tis the Season…Cheers!,” scheduled for Sunday afternoon, Dec. 21, 4:00 PM.  There will also be additional retirement home performances leading up to that concert.

Signup for eScrip!:   We would love to have 100% participation in this amazing donation program.  New member, Kate Olds, has agreed to be our eScrip coordinator.  Signing up is easy, but if you need help, she can walk you through the process.  Our ID# is:  3376093.  Every time you shop for groceries at Paradise Foods, Woodlands Market, and Molly Stones, a percentage of your purchase will go to Singers Marin.  It is that easy.

Do You Shop Amazon?:  We have just signed up with AmazonSmile – a program where Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organizations selected by the customer.  Here is the link that will go directly to in support of Singers Marin (aka Choral Singers of Marin):

Rome Tour:  We have not closed registration yet for touring with us to Rome next March 10-16.  If you are interested, please let us know.  We are also accepting Tour Donations toward our accompanist’s travel expenses.  Your generosity is appreciated.