Dear Singers Marin Family and Friends,

winiragusThis past weekend I attended the Memorial Service of a dear and special woman, Wini Ragus. Wini came to Singers Marin as an Executive Volunteer through CVNL (the Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership). Her specialty as a former Senior Vice President of Miller Freeman Publications was Human Resources, and she worked with me closely for several months on establishing staff job descriptions and contracts.

That was about 8 years ago. The exchange I offered her for her great wisdom, knowledge and advice were concert tickets – and then she became hooked. She soon joined our Community Advisory Board, and became a loyal concert attendee and supporter. At the Memorial Service, I was amazed at how many people recognized me as the conductor of Singers Marin because they had been guests of Wini’s at so many of our concerts over the years.

The last concert was at Villa Marin, where she had moved several years ago. She was in a wheel chair, having had a heart attack/stroke about a month earlier. She was embarrassed to have me see her this way – as she was always so vibrant and full of energy – yet she wouldn’t have missed the holiday concert that the teenagers gave for the residents. She was full of smiles and deep appreciation for bringing the music to them.

Wini D. Ragus lived a very full life over her 87 years. She passed away on January 30th, 2015. Singers Marin has been listed as one of four charities where donations can be made in her memory. If you care to remember and honor her generous spirit you can do so by clicking the "Donate Now" button. Thank you for your support.

In Loving Memory,

Jan Pedersen Schiff Founder/Artistic Director

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