We have redefined our youth program and are calling it: Singers Marin Vocal Arts Academy.  We feel that the work we are doing is vitally important to the future lives of this next generation. 

Choral singing develops so much more than just musical proficiency.  It gives the children a wide range of vital life skills: confidence, deportment, stage presence, focus, listening skills, mental agility, team work, a sense of achievement and self-worth.

We're planning on a significant amount of expansion and growth in all of our choruses for the fall as we get the word out about the high quality experience we offer through our choral music education program. This year, in making a commitment to Singers Marin we will be offering the option of a year-round program, payable monthly through automatic withdrawals. (Payment by semester will still be available). 

We will be giving our young singers the opportunity to receive individual voice lessons to supplement their existing chorus rehearsals. (Younger children may wish to partner up with a friend). We believe that to develop a musical skill for life, you need regular lesson time with a vocal specialist who can enable you to reach your full potential.

We are also offering a class for much younger singers, (aged 3-4), as we are recognizing the importance of developing the musical brain at an earlier age.  We wish to capture the enthusiasm and sheer joy of singing at this age. Our initial class will be called Caroling Kiddies, and they will also have the opportunity to perform in the community.

We are dedicated to developing the individual talents of all our children, as they grow and become strong singers and valuable contributors to society.  

Tuition fees for the 2016-2017 concert season are listed in our Youth Fee Schedule.

For more information on each chorus click below:

Caroling Kiddies/Twinkling Starlets: 3-4 years old

Caroling Kids/Twinkling Stars: 5-7 years old

Starlights: girls, 8 and up

Comets: boys, 8 and up

Celestial Voices: girls, 9 and up (audition required)

les etoiles: girls, 13-19 (audition required)

Summer Camp, 7-12

Read an article regarding the importance of singing for youth:
"How to find the Right Balance for our Children" - Written by Joanna Dudley, Youth Program Director