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Our founding chorus, Wings of Song, has been performing for the residents of senior homes in Marin County since 1987. It was part of their original mission, to sing choral arrangements of familiar songs that would bring back memories. Today, all of the youth and adult choruses continue to present up to 40 concerts a year at the following senior homes and health care centers in Marin. 

Drake Terrace
Senior Access
Fifth Avenue Convalescent
Smith Ranch Homes
Greenbrae Care Center
Tamalpais Creek Retirement
Hillside Care Center
The Cedars of Marin
Marin Convalescent
Villa Marin
Marin Terrace
Windchime of Marin
Peace Lutheran Church

Adobe House
Nazareth House
Aegis of Corte Madera
Northgate Convalescent
Aegis of San Rafael
Pine Ridge Care Center
Aldersly Retirement Community
The Redwoods Health Care Center
Alma Via of San Rafael
The Redwoods Retirement
Deer Park Retirement
Rotary Manor


We appreciate YOUR continued support and applause. OUR donor list from October 1, 2016 through April 1, 2017.  Thank you!

Our Stellar Luminaries

($1,000 to $9,999)

Allen and Lynn Barr, Norma Jean Brown, David and Monika Butze, Dr. Alan and Carol Feren, Harbor Point Charitable Foundation, Susie Jacobs, Lindskog Family Investments, Jeffrey and Susanne Lyons, Marin Music Chest, Richard and Audrey McKeague, Terry and Betsy Nelson, Tom and Jan Schiff, Servino Ristorante, Patty Wolfe


Ursa Major
($500 - $999)

Mary Anderson and Jeff Harris, Robert and Tori Brant, Sue and Pete Bowser, Nanci Burg Canby, Cecile Chiquette, Seth and Alison Ferguson, Mary Hudson, Mary Hughes, Joan Lazarus, Charles and Janis Seagrave, Robert and Sharon Staley


($250 - $499)

Aetna Foundation, Linda Amato, Lynn Colombo, Patrick and Denise Courtney, Christopher and Young-Ah Dutton, Cindy Flinn and Gary Oakes, Harold and Gail Glassberg, Bill and Susan Hoehler, Juliana Jensen and Charles Coleman, Justin McCarthy, Brian and Nicole Mott, Oveda Rutledge


Corona Borealis
($100 - $249)

Robert Abbot, Cathy Blumberg, Lenore & Bob Davies, Carol Donohoe, Nancy Dunbar, Clifford and Dorothy Haaland, Doris Hunker, Patrick and Jennifer Kiss, The Magic Flute, Penny Markrack, Mill Valley Market, Valerie, Sydney Minnerly, Craig Palmer and Allen Habel, Graciela Pera, Tim Ryan, Renee Rymer, Mark and Donna Saberman, Don and Nancy Seitas, David and Elaine Snyder, Jerry White 


(up to $99)

Veerle Claus, John and Denise Colwell, Drake Tarrace, Alan and Toni Denmark, Charles Dunkel, Carl and Peggy Erickson, Kristine Gale, Mark and Shari Gropper, Emily Gillula, Lynn Harrison, Donald and Gloria Herzog, Erica June, Jane Lesh, Mary L. Levine, Joe Passanisi, Gene and Tracy Redig, Dr. Joel and Barbara Renbaum, Barbara Rowe, Sybil Skinner, Penelope Smith, Valerie Taylor, Billie Zepp